Gain Greater Payment Control, Accuracy & Flexibility 

ACH.COM delivers the most trusted and cost-efficient electronic transactions for businesses, software solutions and financial institutions across the United States and Canada.


ACH.COM has multiple AAPs (Accredited ACH Professionals) on staff dedicated to providing you with an unsurpassed level of commitment and excellence in ACH payment expertise and knowledge.


ACH.COM offers you the most advanced online reporting capabilities, all in real time. We help you measure results with a myriad of checks and balances for all transactions and reports for analysis.


Our fully integrated ACH platform allows you to create single web-based transactions, upload system generated files (both manually and automatically) or set-up recurring transactions to accommodate repeat payments on a specific schedule. You also have the capability of storing all entries until release at cut-off and the capacity to edit or void transactions if needed.

HIGHEST LEVEL OF CUSTOMER SERVICE is known for extraordinary customer service. We ensure that you and your staff are trained based on your specific needs. Our customer care team will handle set-up, training and the ongoing needs for you or your originators. We pride ourselves on expedited calls, detailed answers and cheerful responses. Your partnership matters to us and it will show.


We strengthen and protect your ability to identify possible fraudulent transactions with our innovative fraud protection technology. This unique solution provides multiple layers of security and ongoing risk assessment, including approval on the parent level controls.


ACH.COM is one of the few processors in the nation entrusted with a Fed Terminal onsite. This gives you earlier responses for return information and exception handling with the latest possible cut-off times.

About Us

ACH.COM is the proprietary automated clearing house payments processor owned by Priority Technology Holdings, Inc.  Banks, credit unions and organizations across the United States and Canada make us their third-party ACH processor of choice based on our technology, performance and people.  We seamlessly power the automated clearing house and electronic funds transfer payments seamlessly inside Priority CPX, MX Merchant and dozens of leading financial and business enterprise software solutions.  ACH.COM is Nacha Certified, demonstrating that as a Third-Party Sender, our company has met Nacha standards that include a solid risk and compliance program, stability, sound governance, and has strong core ACH practices in place.

How It Works

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ACH.COM Virtual Terminal Offers:

  • Single Entry
  • Recurring Entry Setup & Maintenance
  • Batch/Template Creation & Maintenance
  • Manual File Upload
    (Multiple Formats Accepted)
  • All Standard Entry Class (SEC) Payments
  • Transaction Warehousing
    (with edit/void capability)
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Payment Approval
  • Verification Services
  • Risk Management Services

ACH.COM file transmission (NACHA or CSV) or web services supports:

  • Access to Virtual Terminal Plus
  • Automated SFTP File Upload
  • Automated Single/Recurring entries via Web Services
  • Automated Return Retrieval
  • Automated Research/Reporting via Web Services
  • RCK (Re-Present of Check)
  • ARC (Accounts Receivable Truncated Check Deposit)
  • POP (Point of Purchase)
  • BOC (Back of Conversion)
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